Photo of Yashica camera – Danette Davis ©

About Me

I am the silent girl with the camera. At times I am invisible and visible in the same space. I see myself as a documentarian. I shoot pictures of people, places, objects, musicians, and document moments in time. I live in Seattle and am available for commission work.  You can find out more about me under Philosophical Style.


World Music of Arts and Dance (WOMAD) festival, Marymoor Park, Redmond, WA

NiedernGasse: Independent magazine of poetry and culture, Italy, Review Debora Petrina - La bambina che vede oltre;

Seaprog Festival, Columbia City Theatre (2013 to present)

Psychedelic Baby Magazine, June 20, 2017, Human Ottoman at Seaprog 2017 in Seattle Sunday June 4th, Review by Jack Gold-Molina

Earshot Jazz, February 2016 Vo. 32, No. 2, photo of Stuart Dempster, composer, trombonist, didgeridoo;

Stuart Dempster, composer, trombonist, didgeridoo; photo used to promote residency at Cornish College of the Arts (Poster, Program)

Album: Live at Seattle WOMAD 07/01 by Lappelectro (Cover photo)

Album: "Zhongyu" is Chinese for "Finally" by Zhongyu (Inside Photos)

Album: Groundswell by Moraine (Band Photo)

Album: Dissonati Live at Seaprog 2013 (Cover Photo)

Album: Black River Transect by Dennis Rea – Tanabata Ensemble in Concert (Photo of Cover Artwork)

Multiple articles in Exposé: Exploring the Boundaries of Rock magazine at Link to articles: